High-precision pneumatic source control system

Высокоточная временная синхронизация

Smart Gun Control System 2000 — SGCS2000 (Revision 1.2)
Smart Gun Control System 2000 is a system of control and synchronization by GPS Time of air-emitters arrays.

The developed industrial hardware-software complex provides control, synchronization and monitoring of pneumatic emitters during seismic exploration and engineering-geophysical surveys.

The system allows controlling up to 128 pneumatic emitters of different types (Bolt, Sleeve Gun, GI Gun and others), and is also capable of monitoring and recording data from near-field hydrophones from 128 and more sensors with a maximum sampling rate of 0.05 ms and accurate time reference.

The SGCS 2000 complex consists of: a host server (Host PC), a start and time synchronization unit (TTU), and a number of scalable control units (SGCS2000), each of which can control up to 8 pneumatic transmitters.

SGCS2000 control units support the ability to generate trigger pulses to trigger individual pneumatic emitters at a specific programmable design time.

Modern high-tech industrial analog and digital circuits — allow recording and analysis of data from sensors and hydrophones of the near zone using 20-24-bit high-speed ADCs of SAR types with extremely high sampling rates — 0.03 ms., which provides increased sensitivity and accuracy when using «smart» algorithm of automatic synchronization.

Functional capabilities

  • Air Gun Quantity: up to 128 air guns of different types (expandable up to 256)
  • Sensor Records: monitoring of airgun sensor data from 128 or more sensors with 20-24-bit input and sampling up to 0.03 ms.
  • NFH Records: Near Field Hydrophone data monitoring with 20-24 bit input and sampling up to 0.03ms
  • Depth & Pressure Transducers: continuous «real-time» monitoring of depth and pressure transducer data: support for 4 depth and 2 high pressure transducer channels on each Smart Gun Control Unit with one/two separate atmospheric pressure channels.
  • Graphic Display: multi-screen graphical user interface, provides operational monitoring and control of the pneumatic emitters, as well as indication of all system characteristics
  • MOB Safety Functions: MOB Interface: direct interface with the ship’s MOB system to disable actuations in the event of an incident.
  • System Self-Tests & Line Diagnostics: intelligent fault detection and self-diagnosis system: hardware and software solution provides a complete set of automatic diagnostic tools

Stability and Control

  • Time Sample: up to 0.03 ms, «working mode» 0.05 ms.
  • Time Sync Window: up to 500 ms or more (programmable)
  • Synchronization Type: Automatic, Manual or «Smart» (additional algorithms can be programmed if necessary).
  • Synchronization Type: Sensor or hydrophone (programmable)
  • Detect Method: Peak Detect, Zero Crossing, Level Detect (threshold) or combinations
  • Timing Accuracy: Time accuracy relative to GPS/UTC no worse than 1 microsecond.
  • Air Gun Type: Bolt 1500 and 1900 series, Seamap Sleeve Gun, Sercel G and GI Gun, and others.
  • Control Parameters: Trigger times of individual air guns, near field hydrophone signals, depth and pressure sensor data, solenoid coil current waveform and values, discharge pulse durations and peak trigger voltages (start and end of pulse), correlation functions, calculated values of trigger coefficients, peak and secondary pulsation amplitudes on near field hydrophones, pulsation period etc.
  • Line Safe Control: Algorithm for testing and diagnostics of power mains lines for open circuits and leaks



Width: 480 mm (19″ rack-mounted or standard stationary installation)
Depth: 360 mm
Height: 140 mm (3U)
Weight: max. 10.0 kg

Параметры электропитания

Power supply parameters

Input voltage: 85 — 264 V @ 47 — 63 Hz
Power consumption: max. 300 W (< 1.5 A @ 220 V AC, < 3.0 A @ 110 V AC)
Stabilization type: Voltage stabilization
Protection: Short circuit, overload, voltage, and current fluctuations

Параметры эксплуатации

Operating parameters

Operating temperatures: from 0°C to +50°C
Storage temperature: from -10°C to +70°C
Operating humidity (non-condensing): from 5% to 85%
Humidity during storage (non-condensing): from 5% to 95%