Marine positioning & heading system buoytrack (MPTU)

MPHS MPTU BuoyTrack (Revision 1.0) — MPHS MPTU (Master Processing Tracking Unit) is an industrial radiotelemetry communication module for positioning of remote marine mobile objects (FLEXIBLE SOURCE GUN ARRAYs, TAIL BYOUs, WORK BOATs, AUVs, etc.).

Marine Positioning & Heading System, MPTU (Master Processing Tracking Unit) is an industrial module of radio telemetric communication, complex of positioning system of remote mobile objects relative to the «head» DGPS antenna on the wire line, used to provide positioning of towed lines of pneumatic sources and buoys during offshore geological exploration and engineering surveys.

MPTU was designed to provide radiotelemetric data transmission and exchange of control commands from remote mobile objects — rGPS «pods» compatible with this system.


MPTU module is equipped with industrial board — power supply, diagnostics, radio telemetry, miltplexing and demultiplexing with conversion of navigation data packets to BuoyTrack RTKNav software and exchange of control commands with remote rGPS/DGPS «pods»/blocks via radio channel.

Calculation of rGPS/DGPS positions with high accuracy, both in static and dynamic modes, is achieved by recalculation of raw navigation data in BuoyTack RTKNav software package, which supports up to 20 objects via radio channel.

Functional Capabilities

  • 1 built-in «master» GNSS high-precision positioning and heading system
  • 2 radio telemetry modems at 330-340, 440-460 or 900-920 MHz (other frequency ranges can be installed and configured).
  • Supports data and command transmission of up to 20 remote rGPS or DGPS modules in one system
  • Functionality of remote configuration, control and formation of radio telemetry network of rGPS or DGPS modules



Width: 480 mm (19″ rack or standard stationary installation)
Depth: 360 mm
Height: 90 mm (2U)
Weight: max. 7 kg

Параметры электропитания

Power supply parameters

Input Voltage: 85 — 264 V @ 47 — 63 Hz
Power Consumption: max. 100 W (< 1.5 A Depth, Height and Weight. @ 220 V AC, < 3.0 A @ 110 V AC)
Stabilization Type: Voltage-based
Protection: Short circuit, overload, voltage, and current fluctuations

Параметры эксплуатации

Operating parameters

Operating Temperatures: From 0°C to +50°C
Storage Temperature: From -10°C to +70°C
Operating Humidity (Non-condensing): From 5% to 85%
Humidity during Storage (Non-condensing): From 5% to 95%